Adventure travel, contrary to the general belief, is not only for amusement, but also a real means for relaxing and a way to gain self-consciousness through struggling and learning to survive in nature while providing a good opportunity to travel.  Particularly for people that become desperate to escape from the heavy stress and the rushing rhythm of the big cities, adventure traveling is the best way to get rest and mental nourishment.
The Taurus Mountain Range lying along the southern coastline is one of the most breathtaking areas in the world offering endless adventure resources between its towering peaks to deep gorges, from coastal trails to endemic forests in the high altitudes. The Black Sea Mountains on the other hand, offer tough off-roads with cool summers, and the thick forests keep the roads muddy even in summer; typical for the north coast.

The natural beauty and cultural heritage of Anatolia offer us much more beyond those known so far. This land, with a history over 10.000 years, offers unequaled beauties of both nature and culture. Equinox Travel, providing successful travel services for the guests from all over the world, mostly from the U.S, opened the mysterious gates of the Mediterranean, the Taurus Mountains, Cappadocia and the Black Sea for those who are seeking to get the taste of the country-side through adventure programs led by a staff of archaeologists and specialist guides with a strong academic background.
You may choose to live the fascinating experience of being in the midst of nature, see  the mountain villages and woodlands, discover the ancient sites far out of sight, while struggling with the difficult terrain and the dirt-roads through a jeep or/and dirt bike adventure.