Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey Travel Guide


Important Notice

Embassy of the United States of America
Ankara, Turkey, January 16, 2014
Message for U.S. Citizens

No More Visas on Arrival in Turkey

Beginning April 10, 2014, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs will no longer provide visas on arrival to foreign travelers. All foreigners must obtain their Turkish visas from Turkish missions abroad or from the e-visa application system, depending on eligibility. PLEASE NOTE: The e-visa system is only usable for travelers entering Turkey for tourism or commerce. For any other purpose of travel, the applicant must obtain a Turkish visa in advance from a Turkish diplomatic or consular post.

Information regarding Turkish e-visas and the application process can be found at: https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/
General information on Turkish visas can be found at: http://www.mfa.gov.tr/visa-information-for-foreigners.en.mfa


An introduction to cities, towns, and sites in Turkey, as well as recommended hotels.


Turkish Phrases:

A list of useful phrases along with pronunciations.



A brief overview of Turkish history.

Turkish Ruins by Swissotel.


Culture and Politics:

Get a taste of Turkey’s diversity.



An overview of Turkey’s 7 regions.


Books and Links:

Lots of good books we’d recommend and some Turkey links.


Connections To Turkey:

Many important and well known historical and cultural things are related to Turkey, you will be surprised to see them.